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Public Law

One of Canada’s Leading Public Law Firms

We are a leading law firm in the area of public law, including challenges to government action and the constitutional validity of laws and government action. We have been at the forefront of major legal developments in Aboriginal rights and human rights in Canada, and continue to protect and advance the fundamental constitutional rights and liberties of Canadians and the Aboriginal rights of Indigenous peoples.

With expertise in Administrative Law and Judicial Review, our lawyers represent clients in provincial and federal courts and before tribunals, commissions, and appeal boards. We act for local government authorities and Nations to protect their own laws and jurisdiction when challenged by others.

Now more than ever, issues related to our climate and the impact of industry are driving political and social change. With a broad expertise in Environmental Law and Natural Resource Law, our lawyers have considerable experience advising on environmental protection, management, and assessment. We assist clients to ensure that the environment, land and resources are adequately protected when you or a third party are working on projects that may affect the environment.

Advocating for Fairness, Accuracy, & Accountability

We regularly bring judicial review challenging government decisions that impact the rights and interests of our clients.

At the Forefront of Constitutional Rights

Constitutional rights and liberties of Canadians and the Aboriginal rights of Indigenous peoples is core to Ratcliff’s identity and the values that we as individuals hold

Strategic Interaction with Climate & Compliance Issues

We assist our clients in navigating environmental protections, assessments, and management.

A Balance of Environmental Preservation & Economic Promise

We work with clients to develop strategies and implement initiatives related to mining, forestry, fisheries, energy, and pipelines.

Nathan Hume Indigenous Law Lawyer BC

Our work is critical to the just functioning of our democracy, as benefiting our children and future generations.

Nathan Hume, Partner