Employment Law


Bespoke employment advice for an agile workplace

The workplace has changed. We offer tailor-made, pro-active legal solutions for employers and employees that ensure compliance, limit liability and encourage harmonious resolutions.

We assist clients of all sizes with:

  • COVID-19 vaccination and health and safety policies and procedures
  • Drafting and implementation of human resource policies and employment contracts
  • Workplace investigations, complaints, and disciplinary action (including harassment, human rights violations misconduct, theft, and other forms of dishonesty)
  • Workplace re-organizations and lay-offs
  • Compliance with employment privacy legislations
  • Employee wrongful dismissal and unjust dismissal under the Canada Labour Code
  • Employer compliance with human rights (including disabilities)
  • Drafting and implementation of harassment policies and accommodation policies, including investigations
  • Grievances involving unionized employers

Meeting the unique employment needs of First Nations

We recognize that the needs of First Nation employers can be affected by being located in a small community, with a small labour pool, and that creative solutions are often required in that context.

Our firm’s broad and historical experience working with First Nations gives us the ability to provide specialized employment advice related to tribal councils, societies, First Nation-owned companies, and a wide variety of other Indigenous employers and employees.  

We have experience assisting First Nations and First Nations organizations in the defence of human rights complaints under the Canadian Human Rights Act, and in mediations under the Act. We also have experience advising on complaints made under our provincial Human Rights Code.

Our team seeks to explore potential resolutions outside of hearings or without the need for more aggressive actions. Should such resolutions not be achievable, we have extensive experience vigorously defending our clients before courts and tribunals.

In addition to legal representation, our employment lawyers are experienced in conducting on-site workshops to coach employers and their teams on policy implementation and employee discipline best-practices.

Our Employment Lawyers

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