Dispute Resolution

Civil Disputes

Strategic Advice for Favorable Outcomes

Civil law deals with legal disputes between individuals, businesses and governments. Our civil litigation team assists clients with a variety of issues related to:

  • Wills & Estates 
  • Contracts & Agreements
  • Employment
  • Fraud

Our collaborative approach to client service means that we source expertise across all our practice areas to address the specific needs of each case and develop strategic solutions.

Not all disputes require court proceedings and we understand that any dispute has personal consequences. When appropriate, we use our experience in this area to negotiate with the other party or their lawyer to explore whether mediation or arbitration may obtain the best result.

Our Dispute Resolution Lawyers

Glowacki Lisa C.
Lisa C. Glowacki*
Hermansen Grace
Grace Hermansen
Hume Nathan
Nathan Hume*
McDade Gregory J.  KC
Gregory J. McDade* KC
Senior Counsel
Saran Vyas
Vyas V.C. Saran
Skeels Melinda
Melinda Skeels*
Tate James
James Tate*
Turner Simon
Simon Turner

*Law Corporation