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Tiičma Enterprises, a Leader in Indigenous Economic Development, Recognized for Remarkable Growth

Ka:’yu:’k’t’h’/Che:k’les7et’h’ First Nations among 2023 BC Achievement Indigenous Business Award recipients

Congratulations to Tiičma Enterprises on Their Outstanding Success

On September 12, 2023, BC Achievement Foundation revealed the winners of the 15th Annual Indigenous Business Awards which recognize the accomplishments of Indigenous businesses, entrepreneurs, partnership entities and community-owned enterprises. In a remarkable display of Indigenous economic development, Tiičma Enterprises, a wholly-owned economic development corporation of the Ka:’yu:’k’t’h’/Che:k’les7et’h’ First Nations (KCFN), has earned acclaim as Community-Owned Business of the Year for fostering self-reliance within its community.

Diverse Ventures & Community Empowerment

Under the governance oversight of KCFN Holdings LP, Tiičma Enterprises has strategically ventured into areas such as aggregates, forestry, fisheries, mariculture, tourism, hospitality, and retail. These ventures align seamlessly with KCFN’s economic development plan, enhancing infrastructure, services, and the skills of KCFN citizens.

Since 2012, Tiičma Enterprises has demonstrated impressive growth by effectively responding to market demands through strategic planning, investments, and training. A prime example is Tiičma Hospitality LP, which has expanded its tourism offerings by investing in upgraded facilities. This expansion not only solidifies their market presence but also contributes significantly to employment and training opportunities.

KCFN’s dedication to capacity building and succession planning is evident in their focus on professional development. They actively mentor citizens into management roles and attract distant community members with stable careers, supporting citizen entrepreneurship both through partnerships and procurement opportunities.

The Group of Businesses formed by KCFN entities collaborates through a roundtable, uniting First Nations, stakeholders, governments, and organizations. Together, they address key issues such as pandemic resilience, climate change, ecosystem restoration, and new economic prospects. This collective effort aims to bolster the economies and resources of Kyuquot.

Celebrating Excellence

Tiičma Enterprises’ journey to success has not gone unnoticed. We congratulate our client for being among this year’s recipients of recognition, highlighting their dedication to economic growth, community empowerment, and sustainable development. Their remarkable achievements set a shining example for Indigenous economic development nationwide. We look forward to celebrating with them at the Gala on November 1, 2023!

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