Russell Chiong

Russell Chiong - Ratcliff LLP

Russell Chiong focuses on Aboriginal law, Specific Claims, Impact Benefit Agreements, environmental impacts and assessments, and First Nations governance issues.

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Frances Ankenman

Frances Ankenman - Lawyer | Ratcliff LLP

Frances Ankenman is a skilled advisor advocating for and collaborating with First Nations in treaty negotiation and implementation, strategic consultation with the Crown, drafting legislation and advising treaty and non-treaty First Nations in the law-making process.

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Kevin D. Lee

Kevin Lee Managing Partner experienced senior litigator alternative dispute resolution | Ratcliff LLP

Kevin D. Lee is the Managing Partner of Ratcliff LLP. He is an experienced senior advisor, litigator, and mediator known for in-depth analysis and creative problem solving with experience across major Aboriginal rights and title cases, multi-decade & complex civil litigation matters, contract and employment issues, and estate and real property disputes.

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