Russell Chiong

Russell Chiong - Ratcliff LLP

Russell Chiong focuses on Aboriginal law, Specific Claims, Impact Benefit Agreements, environmental impacts and assessments, and First Nations governance issues.

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Mario Garcia

Mario Garcia First Nation governments corporate economic development BC | Ratcliff LLP

Mario Garcia uses his legal skills to advocate for, and advance, the cultural, environmental and economic development objectives of his clients.

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Tegan Heywood

Tegan Heywood | Ratcliff LLP

Tegan Heywood has a strong foundation in corporate and commercial law, regulatory compliance, and environmental advocacy and is dedicated to advancing the rights of Indigenous peoples in Canada.

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Frances Ankenman

Frances Ankenman - Lawyer | Ratcliff LLP

Frances Ankenman is a skilled advisor advocating for and collaborating with First Nations in treaty negotiation and implementation, strategic consultation with the Crown, drafting legislation and advising treaty and non-treaty First Nations in the law-making process.

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Kevin D. Lee

Kevin Lee Managing Partner experienced senior litigator alternative dispute resolution | Ratcliff LLP

Kevin D. Lee is the Managing Partner of Ratcliff LLP. He is an experienced senior advisor, litigator, and mediator known for in-depth analysis and creative problem solving with experience across major Aboriginal rights and title cases, multi-decade & complex civil litigation matters, contract and employment issues, and estate and real property disputes.

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Treaty Closing and Implementation Activities

Once a treaty has been negotiated, there are numerous activities that must be completed in order to “close” and then “implement” the treaty. Brent Lehmann provides insights on activities required of a first nation relating to the closing and implementation of their treaty.

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Band councils, band moneys and fiduciary duties

Band councils owe fiduciary duties to their bands and to band members. These are distinct duties and while they are generally compatible they can, in some circumstances, conflict. Although the relationship between these duties has not received much attention from courts or academics, it is of great practical importance for band councils.

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