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Published Date: 
11 Apr 2019

Indigenous children are disproportionately represented in Canada’s child welfare system. Harmful policies and practices have impacted generations of Indigenous children and torn communities apart. Change is needed, but slow to come.

Published Date: 
29 Aug 2018

The Ministry of Children and Family development has committed to an action plan in response to court rulings in favour of Huu-ay-aht First Nations represented by Ratcliff & Company.

Published Date: 
23 Feb 2018

A BC Supreme Court ruling that orders the provincial government to ensure an Indigenous mother has daily access to her newborn child so she does not lose her maternal bond could impact other First Nations throughout the country. Maegen Giltrow, legal counsel for Huu-ay-aht and the mother, de

Published Date: 
21 Aug 2018
On August 21, 2018 the Minister of Indigenous Services announced that the Federal Government will be providing $4.2 million in funding to support the Huu-ay-aht First Nations Social Services Project. The funding will be put towards community services focusing on cultural awareness and support for Huu-ay-aht families.
Published Date: 
08 Mar 2018

Just three weeks after obtaining an order in BC Supreme Court to allow a young indigenous mother sufficient access to her newborn to allow for breastfeeding and to foster a maternal bond, Ratcliff lawyer Maegan Giltrow, together with Melinda Skeels, was back in court on the matter, where the Dire

Published Date: 
10 Jun 2017

Maegen Giltrow represents the Blueberry River First Nation who are fighting to stop the incremental erosion of its land and treaty rights.